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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Frank Davis Interview about Easter Everywhere

Frank Davis Interview About Easter Everywhere

Over the weekend I dug out this newspaper clipping somebody sent me a long time ago (it is undated, and there is no name of the paper to source)of an interview with Frank Davis. Davis was engineer at Andrus Studios in Houston and thus was behind the boards for everything the 'Vators cut there: You're Gonna Miss Me, Tried to Hide, Levitation, She Lives In A Time of Her Own, and the Easter Everywhere LP. His comments are erratic but nonetheless interesting:

Q: In your engineering days you had a lot of contact with the 13th Floor Elevators. What did you think of them?

Frank: They made an incredible impression on me, because Roky, his vibrance was so incredible. These people were just FAR out there. I thought they had instantaneous communication with some foreign sphere.

After this song "Slip Inside This House", we had been mixing it all night and all day; it's a real long, complicated song. It was the weirdest goddamn mix because of the way these people put there stuff down, they'd talk all the way through it, they'd be arguing about some of the craziest shit you ever heard...so we finished the mix, and Tommy Hall just really spaced out. They didn't talk about anything after the final mix.

Roky was there (at the studio), he was the last to leave. He told them (the band) to go on and he stayed and said, "C'mon over here and sit down." He just got yellow all over. This little thing around the edges of his head started getting yellow. His eyes were just...like saucers, standing about three inches out from his head.

So I just gave in to it right then. The whole top just started turning and it was way up here (touches head) and it was something not in vision. And bong! I went out and I don't remember a thing after that for two or three days. I thought I was floating around the room. I thought I was levitating. I swore that he (Roky) was levitating me.

Q: Maybe Roky slipped you some acid?

Frank: No, I don't think so. I had heard that could happen so I was wary. I was always real leery of acid.

Bizarre anecdote; Roky obviously wasn't joking when he said I've Got
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