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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Borderline List of All Texas Garage Comps

Borderline List of Texas Psych/Garage Comps

Borderline List of Texas Psych/Garage Comps

I made this table up from the Borderline site, and in particular the comps page. All the hard work was theirs, not mine. These fine people deserve your support in bringing information about psych groups to the masses. If anyone knows of any other comps of Texas psych/garage, let me know.

Texas Flashbacks, Vol. 1 - Dallas (Texas Archive)

Texas Flashback (The Best Of)

Texas Flashbacks, Vol. 1

Texas Flashbacks, Vol. 2

Texas Flashbacks, Vol. 3

Texas Flashbacks, Vol. 4

Texas Flashbacks, Vol. 5

Texas Music, Vol. 3 - Garage Bands And Psychedelia

Texas Psychedelia From The Sixties

Texas Punk From The Sixties

Texas Punk Groups From The Sixties

Texas Punk: 1966, Vol. 1

Texas Punk: 1966, Vol. 2 - Music From...The Outer Limits!

Texas Punk, Vol. 3 - The Sights And Sounds Of An Era

Texas Punk, Vol. 4 - Dallas Psychedelic Gold From The 60's

Texas Punk, Vol. 5 - Journey To Pharaoh's Valley With The Headstones!

Texas Punk, Vol. 6 - Dallas, 1966

Texas Punk, Vol. 7 - Featuring The Briks And The Chaparrals

Texas Punk, Vol. 8 - Featuring The Briks And The Basement Wall

Texas Punk, Vol. 9

Texas Punk, Vol. 10 - With S.J. And The Crossroads!

Texas Reverberations

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