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Sunday, October 26, 2014

13th Floor Elevators Downfall from Smuggling Marijuana?

13th Floor Elevators
13th Floor Elevators
I have always wondered if the Legend about the Texas Authorities wanting to shut the 'Elevators down was really about their psychedelic message.

An alternative hypothesis:

It is now known that Tommy Hall was smuggling pot from Mexico. In 1964, Stacy had been busted trying to smuggle a pound of grass across the Border. In fact, early in the band's career, Tommy, Clementine and Roky were busted with several pounds of pot and "beat" the charge when the Judge misread the papers, detailing the charges, and sentenced the three to mere Probation because he (the Judge) thought that the amount of marijuana was small.

And, I think, that Tommy (et al) continued the smuggling activity or at least dealing with large amounts of grass if the tale of them dumping out a huge pile of pot, at an IA recording session, is to be believed by Lelan Rogers.

Could the Texas Law Enforcement Authorities have viewed the band as the front for a put smuggling ring? Could the unrelenting pressure have been to "bring down" the band for "beating" the system in the first bust?

Check out the attached newspaper article.

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