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Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter from Stacy Sutherland's Mom

Stacy Sutherland
Stacy Sutherland
Almost eleven years ago, the original Roky Erickson / Texas Psych group collected money for a Christmas gift for Stacy Sutherland's mom, Mrs. Sibyl Sutherland. Printed below is her reply back to the group. Mrs. Sutherland is gone now.

Kerrville, Texas
Jan., 2004

Dear Kiloh,

Thank you so much for your kind letter and the monetary gift from your group. You'll never know what a spiritual uplift it was. It makes me so happy to realize that Stacy is still loved and appreciated by others than his own family.

I've always grieved because he didn't get to live long enough to realize his full potential. Now, that I realize the impact that his life had on others, perhaps he did. He was so sensitive and a dreamer and music meant so much to him. He danced to a "different drummer" as Thoreau once wrote. It's wonderful to know, 25 years after his death, people still remember and appreciate him. Just knowing this I weep, joyfully, knowing that he did not live in vain. It proves that music is the "Universal Language" and that the bonds of love are stronger than death.

Please accept our gratitude for the monetary gift but more so for the happiness I feel knowing that Stacy is still loved and appreciated, still alive so to speak. Please convey our feelings for those who remember him so generously here at Christmas; a time so rife with memories of our loved son. I can't express the depths of appreciation I feel for all your group has given us. Without names and addresses, I can't thank each one as I would like to. Will you please tell them for me?

I also appreciate the offer to help with the upkeep of his grave. I kept fresh flowers on it, alive and growing, for years until I could no longer carry 5 gallon cans of water to them all summer. The cemetery mows regularly and a friend put a concrete edging around it. Grey Burney, at Center Point, Texas 78010, is the Manager's address. He would know the plot number. His stone is the nicest one there; he got that much at least! Stacy died at age 32. He would be 54 had he lived. I wish that he knew all this, and perhaps he does! Nothing else would have thrilled him more.

Thank you for your wonderful surprise.

Most sincerely,

Sibyl Sutherland

I'm 89, please overlook errors.

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Kelhard said...

What a beautiful letter from Ms. Sutherland. Thanks for sharing, Kiloh. Its nice that at that time your generous gift was a tangible way to show the great respect and love us fans have for Stacey. Ms. Sutherland was so touched and I'm touched just reading her letter to you.

Kittncrzyterri said...

Ditto that!!! her letter is so touching it makes my eyes tear up.