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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

1977 at the Austin Opry House, Roky Erickson. Photographer: Ken Hoge.

Roky Erickson
Roky Erickson

I had to share this, 1977 at the Austin Opry House, Roky Erickson. Photographer: Ken Hoge. This is THE best photo of the Master I have ever seen. Roky Erickson; the Godfather of psychedelic music. Roky had two careers: 1) the Acid Elf with the prototype psychedelic rock group - the 13th Floor Elevators 2) Post Rusk which is completely different and just as interesting.

They say Roky took over 800 acid trips; of the pure stuff. When he performed, he would sometimes wear a band-aid on his forehead to conceal his Third Eye.

During the time of this picture, Roky was helping invent a thing called Punk Rock. Really, Roky always went his own way and the Punkers (sort of ) adopted him. But his single: Red Temple Prayer (2 Headed Dog) beat out the Sex Pistol's God Save the Queen in a Rolling Stone Writer's Poll of best new music.

Really, Roky was inventing Punk/Metal twenty years before it became popular. And when he screamed about demons and evil Psychiatrists it was not some put on like Black Sabbath. Roky LIVED that shit having been committed to a mental hospital for the crimina

lly insane in 1969 for possession of two joints. There, they gave him shock treatment and experimented with drugs on him. He emerged totally changed but still with that musical genius.

Oh yeah, when he gets tired of the Punk/Metal he picks up an acoustic and sings the most heart wrenching love songs and it's like *that* is his major area when he does it. Did I tell you that he did Christian music too?

And when you listen to him sing you are listening to the Greatest White Rock Singer that ever lived. Robert Plant, Mick, Joe Cocker have nothing on him. You need to compare him to James Brown and Little Richard. This is the guy who taught Janis Joplin how to scream.

About eight years ago Roky emerged from almost fifteen years of untreated schizophrenia and began taking medication again. Austin's best musicians, and Austin HAS the best musicians, lined up to play with him. It's been great.

This is a great shot that I have never seen before.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, a very beautiful pix ; sure, he saw the great light !

Forever yours, Roky !

Jeff Airson Dune