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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

13th Floor Elevators Live Evolution Lost Review

13th Floor Elevators Live Evolution Lost
13th Floor Elevators Live Evolution Lost

Well, Paul Drummond and Charly Records are at it again with the new 13th Floor Elevators Live Evolution Lost CD and three LP set.

The Texas Psych Group's own Keltie Harding reviewed these discs:

OK, just checked out the "new" 13th Floor Elevators issue from Charly Records. "Live Evolution Lost" features the infamous 1967 Houston Music Hall concert. This release blows chunks. Its from Charly and Paul Drummond worked on it. No surprise there. Its muffled, noise reduction is overused and its in mono. Only redeeming thing about this issue is there's a few more jams that have not been issued before. I've heard fan-mastered versions of the same show in crystal clear stereo. Save your money folks. Why is Charly CONSISTENTLY dropping the ball when it comes to the 13th Floor Elevators?? Half a thumb up for this one, only for the unreleased jamming.

One culprit of poor remastering is NOT looking for the original tapes OR BEST sounding sources. An acquaintance in the ripping community recently did beautiful vinyl rips of Psychedelic Sounds and Easter Everywhere, from the original IA LP's. These blow away anything Charly puts out.

Get a load of the shitty sound:

The Roky CD Club put this recording out, sans the jamming extras, in crystal clear stereo years ago. We did a rip of a Japanese pressing of the boot. Why do you even bother Drummond? Why do you put out such shit?

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1 comment:

Kelhard said...

Keltie here. I do also want to mention that the Charly/Drummond camp are putting out nice artwork. Don't get me wrong The visuals are nicely done, booklets are well presented but its the music that should be paramount here, and treated with respect and kid gloves when it comes to remastering.

To take a well used phrase and put my own spin on it, you can polish a turd-sounding remaster with a fancy package but its still a turd-sounding remaster.