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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Roky CD Club Brief History

Roky CD Club
Roky CD Club
This exchange was posted recently in the Texas Psych group's Parent group on Google:

Tobias Larsson,

Hello! I am new to this group. And a bit confused. I found this page after reading the excellent guide to Rokys music on http://www11.brinkster.com/groovies1/Roky.html. And after reading i am really eager to listen to all the CD Club releases. But I am having difficulties finding active torrents for these? I was trying the server But it seems dead? And since demonoid is down as well, I'm wondering if I still can download all the cds? And the DVDs. ROK DVD 1-5 is on the pirate bay, but will not download.

Roky CD Club

I am also looking for historic information on the cd club and how the original recordings where found and released. Thanks!

I'm new to google groups, so maybe the information is on here and i have just missed it. In that case i am sorry, but i have tried to search and browse the conversations.

Bob Bond,

Roky CD Club
Hello Roky fans. I can't take any credit for the creation of the Roky CD Club but I was there for it from the beginning. It started out in the late 1990's as a partnership between Chris Meerbott (you see his name mentioned in the Roky guide you cited) and Kiloh Smith (who responded to your inquiry).

Well the impetus for the formation of the club was that passionate Roky fans had grown sick and tired of waiting for any new Roky CD's to come their way. It was obvious that nothing was going to happen the official route (Roky's music being entangled in legal disputes) and it was time for fans to take matters into their own hands. Originally Meerbott handled the production and distribution of the CD's, while Kiloh procured tapes and assumed the spokesman role.

Roky CD Club
Well as it turned out one of Roky's former managers, who saw himself as the czar of the Roky universe, didn't take too kindly to being upstaged and proceeded to undermine our efforts. At first he pretended to want to *help* us in our efforts, and we were initially grateful for this. But after a while it became apparent that this was nothing but a ruse to frustrate us, stall us, and instill fear in us (he even managed to get our discussion groups at the time terminated). Once we wised up we kicked his sorry ass to the curb and got the ball rolling.

Roky CD Club
But unfortunately, while Meerbott had the passion to be the engine for the Roky CD Club, he just didn't have the balls. Once Roky's former manager started hurling legal threats this way and that, he bailed, leaving Kiloh to take all the heat. And to his credit he took it, weathering one shit storm after another. There were times when he bent, but he never broke and has kept it going to this day (I'm sure to the consternation of those involved). Ultimately the Roky CD Club has unearthed a body of work to rival the official (and bootleg) catalog. I can't think of another major artist where fans have accomplished this. Of course none of this would have been possible without the tape donors (god bless them). I could cite many of them by name but I won't. Anyway if you can get your paws on these gems, all I can say is "dig in", as many of these are as good or better to any official product.

As to the current state of the Roky CD Club, I'm not sure. It might be going through another one of it's dormant phases, or it might have finally fizzled out. Whatever the case, be grateful for all that has come your way. You are standing on the shoulders of giants.

Roky CD Club Volumes 1 - 47 in lossless:

Also, read more about this topic is my, redacted, Interview from that joke of a fake magazine: It's Psychedelic Baby:


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