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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Drew Wallace
Drew Wallace
Hey, I want to alert all Texas Psych fans to a guy who calls himself Drew Wallace. He's an asshole loser and a spammer. He joined our group and has done nothing but post Youtube videos of the bands in his roster. He has contributed nothing else. Basically, he's spamming our newsgroup to promote his "label". Gee, I never thought of *that* before.

So... To any bands thinking of signing with Drew, this is going to be your "promotion"; this loser spamming newsgroups. And THINK ABOUT IT! Your "Head of the Label" has no more game than spamming newsgroups? His time is no more valuable than spamming newsgroups?

I told him that, yes, we wanted to hear new music but could he tone down the frequency of his posts. Here is his reply on the group:

Scott Te**** and I go way back, over 20 years. He would freak if he realized what a Nazi Organization your supposed Good Karma Psych page really is.

This guy has no more marketing game than to spam newsgroups. Then, when he is asked to tone it down, comes out with some bullshit. Oh yeah, all he did was post stuff by his sucky band called Iron Bong. This was after he postured as this "Label Head". What a maroon!

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