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Friday, December 6, 2013

22 Bubble Puppy Posters! Signed by the Band!

Bubble Puppy
Bubble Puppy

My 22 Bubble Puppy posters arrived today! All are signed by the band. This picture shows half of them. The others were put away into portfolios. This batch goes to my collector friend in Dallas.

Poster collecting is really rewarding; you get great art for your home. Additionally, you meet great friends like my collector buddy in Dallas. You "take care" of each other. Finally, you get to make friends with the Poster Artists and the Musicians.

I'd like to extend my "thanks" to Bubble Puppy! They are just so cool to do this for their fans. Through the years, I have (slowly) gotten to know them all and they are all fine gentlemen. Never a harsh word between us. And it's no picnic knowing me sometimes. Imagine being in a relationship with me and you'll see the world through my wife's eyes.

Annnnnyway, if Bubble Puppy come to your town get out there and show the support. And these guys are like John Fogerty in that they are at their BEST right now! They are actually better than they were in the Sixties!

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