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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pre-Order 2012 Golden Dawn Power Plant Live Video!

Golden Dawn Power Plant
Golden Dawn Power Plant
OK, the Golden Dawn Power Plant Live DVD is ready! We are taking pre-orders. Those who pre-order this video will get a signed copy from George Kinney himself. Please be aware that this is a, professionally done, project for LOVE; love of the artist and love of that great example of Texas Psych music - the POWER PLANT album! All money gets submitted to George Kinney and he is the 100% beneficiary of this.

On Sunday, April 29, 2012, at the Beauty Ballroom in Austin, Texas, the Golden Dawn reformed one more time to perform the entire Power Plant album LIVE at the 2012 Texas Psych Fest! This was a two camera shoot with a digital soundtrack recorded straight to mini-disc. After the Festival, the two camera angles were professionally edited together and the killer soundtrack was synched in. I have seen this video (several times) and it is absolutely stunning. We got everything and there are no glitches and it sounds fantastic.

For the next 30 days we are taking pre-orders for this video. This is not going to be some "burned" DVD but a professionally done package complete with packaging and artwork. Pre-order this thing and George will sign the art for you. This is the art below. Click it for a better view.

Golden Dawn Power Plant
Golden Dawn Power Plant

Golden Dawn Power Plant
Golden Dawn Power Plant

Here's the pricing:

  • $30.00 delivered anywhere in the USA.
  • $35.00 (USD) delivered anywhere in the world.
Over the next 30 days be sure to mail your payment to George Kinney. You can also Paypal him. Here are the details:

Cash, USA Checks, Money Orders can be mailed to:

  • George Kinney, PO Box 51 Cedar Creek, Texas US 78612
  • Paypal George Kinney here: kinney777@gmail.com
There can be no foreign checks. Our foreign friends are encouraged to use Paypal or some form of an International Money Order.

How this will work is that you guys will pre-order this DVD over the next 30 days. After 30 days, George will go to a place in Austin and have the DVDs produced. It's all be set up already. So... Your DVD will arrive *sometime* after Feb 2nd, 2013. What with having to produce the things and mail them out figure another 30 days for it to arrive at your home.

Obviously, we would really like you to pre-order these. You'll be getting that signed copy AND you'll be helping George bring this project to conclusion.

Be sure to forward this message around on all psychedelic and garage message boards! Help get the word out! Who would have ever thought it! A Power Plant live VIDEO!

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