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Monday, January 30, 2012

Austin George Kinney Benefit - Uncle Billy's 3/17/02

George Kinney

Mal Thursday says:

 I have a tentative date for the next George Kinney benefit, on SXSW Saturday March 17th from 2 pm to 2 am at Uncle Billy's Lake Travis.

I am trying to get Bubble Puppy, Josefus, and Shiva's Headband for the show, along with Lone Star Hippie, The Texas Garage Project, Jesse Sublett, and UK fuzzmasters The Higher State.

Shiva's Headband is playing a record release show for their SINGLES COLLECTION anthology at Uncle Billy's Lake Travis on Saturday February 11th.

Here's some vid from a Kinney Benefit at Uncle Billy's:

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

13th Floor Elevators - Magic Mountain Music Festival Poster Signed by Roky!

13th Floor Elevators

13th Floor Elevators

Check out this framed Magic Mountain Music Festival poster signed by Roky! This is from the home of that Uber Collector who is sharing his stash with we mere mortals.

The KFRC Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival was an event held June 10 and 11th, 1967 at the 4,000 seat Sidney B. Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre high on the south face of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California. Kicking off the summer of love, this is the first real rock & roll festival, predating Monterey by a few weeks. At least 36,000 people attended the two-day concert and fair that was the first of a series of San Francisco area cultural events known as the Summer of Love. The Fantasy Fair was influenced by the popular Renaissance Pleasure Faire and became a prototype for large scale multi-act outdoor rock music events now known as rock festivals.

Admission to the festival was two bucks and all proceeds were donated to the nearby Hunters Point Child Care Center in San Francisco. The Fantasy Fair was originally scheduled for June 3 and 4 as a benefit for the center, but was delayed one week by inclement weather. Several acts booked for the original dates were unable to perform, including the 13th Floor Elevators.

Alec Palao wrote of the fair in Cream Puff War #1: “The dichotomy in Bay Area music was never so evident, as the self-proclaimed “adult” scene separated itself from the “teen/pop” scenes.” Paradoxically, Greg Shaw recalls that there was not really a large gap splitting the radio preferences of the teens and the hip until Tom Donohue’s free-form KMPX fully flowered in the fall of ’67. “Being a KFRC event, it probably attracted some younger fans who wouldn’t have minded [Every Mother's Son], with the older hippies coming for their own reasons, if only a groovy day out in the sun.” A review of the bands that played indicates that most were groups that played the Fillmore and Avalon ballrooms and were part of the Psychedelic scene at the time. It wasn’t a teenie-bopper event.

Here is the musical line up for both days:

Saturday, June 10

    Mount Rushmore
    Rodger Collins
    Dionne Warwick
    The Doors
    The Lamp of Childhood
    Canned Heat
    Jim Kweskin Jug Band
    Spanky and Our Gang
    Blackburn & Snow
    The Sparrow
    Every Mother's Son
    The Chocolate Watch Band
    The Mojo Men
    The Merry-Go-Round

Sunday, June 11

    Sons of Champlin
    Jefferson Airplane
    The Byrds with Hugh Masekela
    P. F. Sloan
    Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band
    The Seeds
    The Grass Roots
    The Loading Zone
    Tim Buckley
    Every Mother's Son
    Steve Miller Blues Band
    Country Joe and the Fish
    The 5th Dimension
    The Lamp of Childhood
    The Mystery Trend
    Penny Nichols
    The Merry-Go-Round
    New Salvation Army Band

Here are a couple of quotes about the festival:

Kathy McCarthy Cari:

"I was 14, lived in Tam Valley, at the base of "the mountain" and was lucky enough to go both days. It was my first concert of any kind. I watched a lot, walked around the grounds and people-watched too. There were couples in the bushes, getting high, making out and some were just picnicing. I don't remember if I was with anyone but I know my mom was pissed I went. She was trying to get me ready for a Edna McGuire School 8th grade graduation and I was not around for a dress fitting until 10 pm the first night. I vividly remember The Cyrcle (Red Rubber Ball), Grass Roots (Live for Today)and Country Joe (Going up the Country), The Byrds (Turn Turn Turn). Those songs play once in a while and they bring me back to that Fair. Just like it did this morning when the Cyrcle played Red Rubber Ball this morning. I hitched home both days and took the bus up. I lived 12 minutes from the Fantasy Fair and will NEVER EVER forget it. I remember lots...very fondly and emotionally."


"I was 14 when I attended this festival (only went on one day). I remember the Doors were great, they did the long organ solo version of 'Light my Fire' like the one you could only hear on KSAN FM radio at the time. I also remember Dionne Warwick singing her cheesy top 40 hit 'Do You Know the Way to San Jose?' and she got lots of applause, even from the pack of Hells Angels that were with all their bikes right up front by the stage (total jerks otherwise). And I remember Canned Heat blew me away with 'Rollin and a Tumblin' and 'Bull Frog Blues". I went out and bought their album right away and it still is one of my favorites. Anyway, this was one of the best festivals I went to (along with Lake Amador). The 'Summer of Love' was no BS; people looked out for each other, and there was a feeling of kinship that was very optimistic and positive. Then the bad drugs (speed, smack, downers) and the sell-out media commercialization combined to crush it. But while it lasted it was a beautiful thing, as anyone who was there will testify. Rock-on!"

Don Steiner:

"We hitchiked from Sacramento and had a great time. I remember watching David Crosby taking a toke from a joint that was handed to him from someone below the stage. A great group "New Salvation Army Band" also played. I still have the program and made notes to who played that differs a little from the schedule. Great time in my life."

Jim Robertson:

"I was there both days. I was stationed on top of Mt Tam in the air force. The AF was so paranoid that they locked the gates at 5:00 Friday evening in fear of "peace & love". Anyone not on base was stuck (oh shit) whichever side of the gate they were on. I was lucky enough to be outside with tickets for both days! Decision I will cherish for the rest of my life!!"

Here are some photos:

Beefheart photos at Festival. Beefheart ( Van Vliet) walked off the stage right after the intro to the second song, having experienced some kind of LSD flashback. At 2:08, Ry Cooder is pictured behind Jerry Handley watching Don walk off the stage:

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review of Disc 8, A Love That's Sound, from Sign of the 3 Eyed Men

a love that's sound
This is a review of Disc 8, from that abortion of a 13th Floor Elevators box set - A Love That’s Sound. This is the only disc that is unique and hasn’t been done before (and better) by somebody else. Meaning, ALL of the material on the other nine CD’s has been released before by somebody else in better quality. OK, OK aside from the stray track that is.

Here is the track listing:

01 - Wait For My Love (unreleased 6th single)
02 - It's You (acetate)
03 - May The Circle Remain unbroken (original mix)
04 - Livin' On (take 1, full take with original vocals)
05 - Never Another (take 8, full take with original vocals)
06 - Dr Doom (take 6, original vocals)
07 - Sweet Surprise (take 5, original vocals)
08 - Moon Song (take 1, unreleased backing track)
09 - Livin' On (take 1, edited and overdubbed lead vocals)
10 - Never Another (rehearsal, unknown take)
11 - It's You (rehearsal, take 3)
12 - Moon Song (rehearsal, take 6)

Obviously, Paul Drummond doesn’t like Stacy Sutherland because none of Mr. Sutherland's  tracks where he does vocals appear. It is apparent Drummond was trying to recreate the “lost” third album by the band to be called Beauty and the Beast. He failed miserably because there was, obviously, so little to work with. We have original takes, that appear on Bull of the Woods (making them duplicates), and duplicate titles (different takes)  of four of the songs on the same disc. This disc is really a catch all for the last “Roky” tracks and NOT an unreleased third album as Drummond calls it.

The worst part of this disc is the thin and two-dimensional sound. This is because those idiots took the warm analog signal and ran some sort of horrible compression program on it once converted to digital. This “boosts” the overall signal across the dynamic range but it also flattens out that same dynamic range. The “warmth” and three-dimensional quality of the sound is utterly lost. This is not my opinion; this is fact. Graph this recording and then graph something put out by the Roky CD Club or graph an original ‘Elevators album. This Charly product is a (pretty much) flat line of constant noise. Shit, put it on and listen to it; let your own ears tell you.

And when you put these Charly discs on your stereo you can’t crank it like you normally want to without the sound getting all brittle-sounding. This is because the signal is ALREADY balls-to-the-wall on the disc. It doesn’t sound clear and loud like it’s supposed to. It sounds crappy and loud; the sound is hot and brittle. This is entirely Drummond/Charly’s fault. And it shows how Mickey Mouse and UN-knowledgeable they really are.

Still, one should get this eighth disc from the abortion of a box set. I think it’s called: Sign of the 3 Eyed Men. The ONLY reason for getting this eighth disc is that it’s still very interesting and unique; in spite of its glaring deficiencies. But this is the ONLY disc from that abortion of a box set that you need.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Texas Pop Festival Poster - "First State"

texas pop festival

Check out this “First State” Texas Pop Festival poster. This is from the home of that uber collector who has been kind enough to share with us.

Two weeks after Woodstock many of the same bands, and attendees, converged on the Dallas International Motor Speedway in Lewisville, Texas to rock out. Fans experienced the music of B.B.King, Canned Heat, Chicago, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Freddie King, Grand Funk Railroad, Herbie Mann, Incredible String Band, James Cotton Blues Band, Janis Joplin, Johnny Winter, Led Zeppelin, Nazz, The Quarry, Rotary Connection, Sam & Dave, Santana, Shiva's Headband, Sly & the Family Stone, Space Opera, Spirit, Sweetwater, Ten Years After and Tony Joe White!

Here’s the list of bands in order of appearance:

Saturday, Aug
ust 30
Canned Heat
Chicago Transit Authority
James Cotton Blues Band
Janis Joplin
B.B. King
Herbie Mann
Rotary Connection
Sam & Dave

Sunday, August 31

Chicago Transit Authority
James Cotton Blues Band
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
Incredible String Band
B.B. King
Led Zeppelin (announced as "The Led Zeppelin")
Herbie Mann
Sam & Dave

Monday, September 1

Johnny Winter
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
B.B. King
Sly and the Family Stone
Ten Years After
Tony Joe White

Here's an example of a "Second State" poster:

Here's some vid from that weekend:

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Shiva's Headband Picture Disc for Sale! Sick! Nice!


Shiva's Headband has issued sick picture disc! Take a look at that puppy above (front & back). This disc is called The Singles Collection and features three extra tracks. Me? I doubt I'll even play this thing because it's going upon my wall!

Now, our buddy, Spencer Perskin, has a 1,000 of these things so... we need all of the cognoscenti to step up and pony up for one. We're always bitching about that "there's no good music coming out now" but here, one of our own, has independently put this great disc out. Support this great band and support the Texas Psych Genre of music by BUYING A DISC!

Please click either picture at the top to be taken to the site to purchase this great Shiva's Headband Picture Disc.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fever Tree - Masonic Temple Poster 6/22/68

Fever Tree
This good-looking poster advertises a June 22, 1968 show at the Masonic Temple in Portland, Oregon that starred Fever Tree. There is no artist credit, but it was obviously created by the same artist responsible for many of the other Masonic Temple pieces of the day. This poster is in wonderful condition with a bit of handling, but no other flaws. Size: 14" x 22"

The Masonic Temple was built in 1925, at 1119 SW Park Avenue at SW Jefferson Street. The Masonic Temple building is now part of the Portland Art Museum (the address is 1219 SW Park).  The 4-story building still includes the Grand Ballroom, which is probably a remodeled version of the Ballroom used for rock concerts in the 1960s. The current capacity is about 1000 (per the site), so perhaps up to twice that many could have been squeezed in.The Masonic Temple was a regular, if intermittent venue for Portland rock concerts in the 60s.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Clementine Hall Offering Rendering of Your Favorite Pet

Clementine Hall

Clementine Hall

Our own Clementine Hall is now offering drawings of your favorite pet from photographs. See an example in this blog post. Can the fans please forward this blog post around to other discussion boards? Below is Ms. Hall's message to Texas Psych fans:

From Clementine:

Drawings of your favorite Pet... I can make a pencil portrait of your favorite pet, or wild animals, birds, etc. I make exceedingly realistic drawings. Photos are nice mementos but an original drawing is more than a memento, it immortalizes your special pet, captured in a work of art.

My large framed drawings (8X10) are $100 and the smaller ones (5X7) are $75. This price also includes framing them in a beautiful frame. Postage and shipping extra. Contact me at: clementinehall13@aol.com

PLEASE, limit queries to this offer!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Design for Avalon Spaceman Poster

avalon spaceman poster
The original design for the Avalon Spaceman Poster was taken from a 1954 photo, by Ralph Morse, of an Air Force pilot, with patterns of light covering his face and shoulders (like a contour map), being measured for a perfectly fitted flight helmet. This was the cover story of the December 6, 1954, issue of LIFE; a report simply titled: "Jet Age Man."

This same image was used for two extremely popular and enduring psychedelic posters in San Francisco and Detroit known as both "Zebra Man" and "Spaceman".

  • Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelly utilized the image for a 9/30 - 10/1/66 gig at the Avalon Ballroom by the 13th Floor Elevators.
avalon spaceman poster 

  • Gary Grimshaw borrowed the image for 10/21 - 22/66 gig at Detroit's Grande Ballroom by the MC5.
avalon spaceman poster

Here's a vid with a close-up of the Avalon Spaceman poster:

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Johnny Winter on Letterman 1/12/12

Johnny Winter is back! Here he is the other night on Letterman! David Letterman, after the performance, said: “God Almighty, that was great. Johnny, good to see you. Here’s what we’re going to do. Paul, get us a van. I’ll get some cheap speed, some coffee and some donuts and we’ll just drive all night."

Johnny went though some really, really tough times with heroin addiction and then addiction to tranquilizers. It is SO GOOD to see him back and wailing out! I saw him in 1999, at Yasgur's Farm for the 30th Anniversary of Woodstock, and it left me shaken. He looked like he climbed out of a hospital bed to perform. He was a shadow of himself and played slow blues; the only thing that hadn't let him down was his slide.

Now he's back and sounding like the platinum-haired Guitar God I used to see strutting around on the stage at the Chance in Poughkeepsie. He'd get full of whiskey and cocaine and blow the doors in! One night, in the alley behind the Chance, my friend and I were smoking something and getting ready to go in. We heard Johnny playing his guitar backstage through an open window. We began yelling stuff up to the window and Johnny would let us yell some stuff and then reply with a guitar riff!

I saw him, at a free concert outside New Paltz, a few days after Muddy Waters died in 1983. I taped that show and he totally wailed out. This was released on the Roky CD Club a few years back. SUNY New Paltz insisted that their sound system be used along with Johnny's stacks of Marshalls. Johnny fried the SUNY New Paltz sound system.

A friend of mine went to see him in Albany in 1978; up at JB Scott's or JB Stokes. Midnight comes and no Johnny. One o'clock comes and no Johnny. Two o'clock comes and no Johnny. Finally, at 2:30 am, Johnny slithers up to the mic and yells: "I'M TOO FUCKED UP TO PLAAAAAAYYYY!" Then he passed out and fell into the audience. The crowd rioted and tore the joint down. My friend became a HUGE Johnny fan that night!

Fucking Johnny is back. Awesome.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

grateful dead san antonio

Check out this cool Grateful Dead San Antonio poster! The set list is below. That Dark Star is 24 minutes long! Yikes!

11/26/72, San Antonio Municipal Auditorium

Artist: Micael Priest


The Promised Land
Mexicali Blues
Black Throated Wind
Bird Song
Beat It On Down The Line
China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
Box Of Rain
El Paso
Big Railroad Blues
Around And Around
Casey Jones

Playing In The Band
Brown Eyed Women
Jack Straw
Don't Ease Me In
Big River
Dark Star > Me And Bobby McGee
Brokedown Palace
Sugar Magnolia > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > One More Saturday Night

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vulcan Gas Company Psycho Bubbles Poster

psycho bubbles

psycho bubbles
Check out this rare Vulcan Gas Company poster on our friend's wall. It promotes a series of shows featuring Shiva's Head Band, Conqueroo, Afro Caravan and the Golden Dawn. Show dates were December 22 - 31, 1967. This fabulous psychedelic image, "PSYCHO BUBBLES", was designed by Gilbert Shelton, and is referred to as VG 9 in the Vulcan Gas series. For good measure I am throwing in the handbill too.

To me, this poster is obviously a nod to the Vulcan's Light Show. Practitioners would squeeze colored oils between two glass clock-faces on an overhead projectioner. 

PSYCHO BUBBLE from Shawn Knol on Vimeo.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bull of the Woods - If Only...

bull of the woods

Back in the day I used to bash Bull of the Woods. At that time, I just had never heard a good copy of it. Now that I enjoy IA rips to CD of that album, and the 45's, I can say that I love that album. What other band could have put out such a great album while in the throes of being gut-shot? I just wish that IA would have spent more time with the track selections and TAKEN THE TIME to actually SEE what was there to work with. If they had done that, they could have put out a worthy follow-up to Easter Everywhere and then Stacy could have had his solo album after.

It's like with Syd Barrett and the Madcap Laughs LP. They had all these GREAT TRACKS in the can, from two previous Producers, and Gilmour and Waters opted to drag an annoyed Syd Barrett out of bed and have him bang out three tracks on the acoustic to *finish* the LP. All they fucking had to do was LOOK AROUND and tracks like Swan Lee, Rhamadan #1, Lanky, Dolly Rocker, Let's Split and the wonderful Opel were right there to just be added to the LP.

Still... Madcap Laughs is a work of genius, even with the three "hurry it up" tracks. And I guess that's my point with Bull of the Woods.

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Roky Erickson Fairfax, California 12/9/75 Handbill

roky erickson fairfax

Check out this Roky Erickson Fairfax, California handbill. Of course, it's signed by Roky. This is the December 9th, 1975 gig that was recorded by Jack Ortman and bootlegged as Shrunken Heads. Or course, it was ultimately re-released on the Roky CD Club and mixed from the original master tapes. Here's the link: http://www.texaspsychedelicrock.com/2008/09/roky-cd-club-44.html

Anyway, this handbill is a rare one.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Jim Franklin Armadillo World Headquarters "Floating 'dillo" Poster

Jim Franklin Armadillo

Jim Franklin Armadillo

Take a look at this beauty, it’s known as “Floating ‘dillo”. Like, the planet the view is from is an armadillo and the moon, circling the planet, is another armadillo. Yeah, no drugs there Jim.

Here are two photos of this piece. One is a more dignified framing job with a black frame and yellow and black matting. The other shot is mine and I went for the primary colors in the image: red and yellow.

This is an early Jim Franklin Armadillo World Headquarters poster promoting, what must have been a MONSTER gig, Mother Earth & Shiva’s Headband. This must’ve been a real Texas Psych Extravaganza; two of the last surviving bands back at the scene of the crime in 1971. By 1971, Roky was in Rusk, the Red Crayola had left any semblance of melody and tune behind in their Quest for Weirdness, George Kinney had said: “Fuck it” and was pursuing a career in Country music in Nashville. Mother Earth and Shiva’s were the last two left standing. It must have been some gig with most of the cognoscenti in attendance.

Please see below Mother Earth performing a version of the 13th Floor Elevators’ Kingdom of Heaven.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Roky Erickson - "I Am An Alien" Notarized Statement

Roky Erickson

Talk about a Prime Piece of Roky Erickson Memorabilia; how would YOU like to have Roky Erickson's Notarized Statement that he is an Alien framed on YOUR wall! We are still peering into the home of that major collector and he's busting out the weird shit!

In the early Eighties Roky began telling friends that Aliens were coming to Earth to harm him. In 1982, a Notary Public was enlisted to Witness and Officiate a statement by Erickson that he was an Alien himself. By making an Official Declaration that he was an Alien, Roky hoped that this would convince the real Aliens to leave him alone and be in line with any "international laws" he might have been breaking. Afterwards, Roky claimed that the attacks stopped.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rare Armadillo World Headquarters Posters

Check out some more rare Armadillo World Headquarters posters! These are from the same Collector whose collection we are currently highlighting.

We Have (top to bottom):

a rare Jim Harter “bug” piece
2)   a rare Ravi Shankar piece by Jim Franklin
3)   a 1977 Jim Harter Armadillo Calendar
4)   flying enchiladas by Jim Franklin
5)   the 1st ‘dillo by Jim Franklin
6)   the 2nd ‘dillo

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Texas Rock Poster Art - Peek into Home of Big Time Colletor

texas rock poster

texas rock poster

texas rock poster

texas rock poster

texas rock poster

Check out another peek into the home of a big time Texas Rock Poster Art collector. His place is jammed with Vulcans and 'dillos; many signed by the musicians and poster artists. This is SICK! 

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