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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine Interview with Mike Jensen

It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine Interview of Mike Jensen:

Here is the It's Psychedelic Baby "Magazine" Interview with my friend - Michael Jensen. Get a load of this, these two guys - Klemmen and Kevin asked me to set up an interview with my friend, notoriously interview shy, Mike Jensen. I called Mike and said that it would be "OK" for him to talk to these guys. I then provided pictures (that they used) of Michael holding the Easter Everywhere master tapes. Michael went on to say a lot of nice things about me, and the Roky CD Club, in the interview.

So these guys publish their interview and they, without Michael's knowledge or consent, cut out every single reference to myself, the Texas Psych Group, and the Roky CD Club. They then used my picture and connections to help them set this whole thing up and they didn't even so much as say "thank you" or put my name in the Credits.

Not to worry, the Texas Psych Blog will be publishing the unexpurgated interview soon! So to see what Michael actually said you'll have to read that. BTW, the Texas Psych blog gets like... a million times as many hits as their little fake magazine. These guys are a couple of tools and manipulators and I would advise all to have as little to do with them as possible.

They interviewed me awhile back and, how shall I say it, these guys are not the two brightest people in the world. They edited my interview to shit AND put in a ton of spelling and grammar mistakes. Finally, it was just taken down by them because their little owner, Klemmen, is a coward on top of being a tool and stupid. Again, I ended up publishing it on my own blog.

See Mike's, edited to shit, interview here by clicking the image below: 

It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine
It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine

Look for the real interview soon.

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