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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Complete Moving Sidewalks - A Review

Complete Moving Sidewalks
Complete Moving Sidewalks
I just got my copy of The Complete Moving Sidewalks today. It's not three discs, like some said. It's two discs. One disc is Flash with no extra tracks and the other disc is Rarities. The Rarities disc is about half Moving Sidewalks and half Billy Gibbons' previous band the Coachmen. There is no material from the legendary "second album" by the 'Sidewalks. It's all 45 rpm mixes and alternates. There is one new track, maybe that's what they are talking about. There is a, pretty horrible, Baroque version of the Beatles' I Want To Hold Your Hand and just when you think it's finished they do it AGAIN with some other mix. Everything else is cool.

The packaging is cool and it comes with a booklet containing a write up by former Texas Psych Group Member Bill Bentley. Paul Drummond gets a "thanks" in the Credits. Maybe he allowed some pictures from his "collection" to be used. We all know how Paul likes to go around Texas posing as this intrepid Author, working on a book, obtaining copies of photographs from the old folks for his collection. He then, it seems, Copyrights the photos in his name and even has the balls to call his collection the Paul Drummond Collection. Anyway, thanks Paul for the picture. This just shows what a tool you really are Paul. Control, control, control...  Whatever...

The sound is good but is a little loud. I only had my pre-amp at 25% volume and these tracks came BOOMING out of the speakers. They don't sound compressed to shit though. It sounds good. I just wish that *they* would have allowed me to control the volume more with my own stereo. That's the idea right? I guess the thing to do is buy the vinyl version and rip it to CD. It's a lot of trouble though and this isn't exactly the 13th Floor Elevators. Still, the CD's sound good but they are LOUD.

But, I am going to go on record stating that this collection is essential for fans of the genre. Buy it! Maybe this will move Billy Gibbons to release that fabled second album by the 'Sidewalks.

Oh yes, click on the picture above to be taken to the Amazon page.

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