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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Golden Dawn Power Plant 2012 Video Nearing Completion

Golden Dawn Power Plant
Golden Dawn Power Plant
The Golden Dawn Power Plant Live 2012 Video is nearing completion. We have an edited version completed. Now, we need to process the audio and synch that in. We need to produce DVD art. But this train is rolling! Who are the Artists who contacted me? Was it Kevin Combs?

We need somebody to do the DVD art. Maybe we will do several sets of art, I dunno, but this train is rolling! Who would have EVER thunk it? The Golden Dawn step out of the mists of time and perform Power Plant!? And we get VIDEO of it! Somebody pinch me!

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1 comment:

Kevin Rathert said...

Most excellent Kiloh. Can't wait to see the video and hear the audio. Keep up the wonderful work and here's to George Kinney for all his years of delivering the goods!