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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kerry Awn Original Poster Art Stacy Sutherland Birthday Bash!

Kerry Awn
Kerry Awn
Check out this original artwork by Kerry Awn (painting) for a poster to celebrate Stacy Sutherland's birthday last May. This gig fell through and the original artwork went up for sale, offered to the select few, and... I GOT IT!!!!

When I went to visit George Kinney for the Austin Psych Fest, he was talking about this event (at: Ruta Maya) and looking forward to it. The performers here were: George Kinney and the Golden Dawn, Charlie Pritchard, Shiva's Headband, Freddy Steady Five, John David Bartlett, Amplified Heat, Jason Crow, Fred Mitchum, more... It would have been a HOOT! Too bad the gig fell through. 

Here's what the seller had to say: 

Stacy Sutherland ( 13th Floor Elevators guitarist). This ORIGINAL poster work by Kerry Awn IS FOR SALE. This is oil on board, drawn by the one and only Kerry Awn!! Any takers before I list it on eBay?? I had this commissioned for a show that fell through this past May (had family emergency come up and issues with the venue, etc.). There are a few errors, such as "Jar Of Flies".., which should be "Jar Of Fireflies." Pretty cool poster, a shame that the show fell through and what not (life gets in the way)..would have been GREAT! — with Shiva's Headband, Eloy Aguilar, George Kinney, 13th Floor Elevators, John Ike Walton, Stacy Sutherland and Jason Crow.

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