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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cool Blue Things Video

Nice Blue Things video with lots of pictures compiled by a family member. The Blue Things are frequently mistaken for a Texas band but they were actually from Hays, Kansas. One side of this writer's family is from Goodland, Kansas and Hays is the first city to the East of Goodland on Route 70.

Kansas? Kansas was/is actually a hip place. In the 1860's it was settled by "Jayhawkers" who moved out of Missouri to get away from slavery and FOUGHT against the Confederates in the Civil War. A lot of atrocities were committed in Kansas by people like Bloody Bill Anderson and Quantrill's Raiders. In fact, there was a massacre at Lawrence by Quantrill. 

Additionally, Lawrence, Kansas was a stop on the Beatnik Trail. This was a "trail" of "cool" cities where travelers could find less police harassment and places to crash. This stretched from San Francisco, through Austin, to Lawrence, ending up in NYC. William Burroughs settled in Lawrence. How cool is that?

In January, 1967, at RCA Studios in Nashville, the Blue Things produced one of the finest examples of psychedelia ever: "Orange Rooftop Of Your Mind" b/w "One Hour Cleaners". Produced under the monophonic direction of Elvis Presley producer Felton Jarvis, The Blue Things’ third 45 on RCA Victor was an astounding slice of hazy, homegrown psychedelia way ahead of the curve. The core Blue Things lineup of Val Stecklein, Richard Scott, Mike Chapman were joined by newcomer Bobby Day on drums and produced a double sided 45 as a follow up their sole eponymous album. It was a deftly executed and bewildering stash of stylistic approaches that would be the psychedelic promontory of their all too brief discography.

Mike Crawford says: Used to see these guys live while a teenager in the Texas Panhandle . They were always playing at clubs in Amarillo , Plainview and Lubbock.

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Anonymous said...

A great band that is deserving of more credit. I've had their original album for some time and a couple singles, and anything else i can find.