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Thursday, August 30, 2012

13th Floor Elevators Playing the Teodar Jackson Benefit, at the Austin Methodist Center, 3/12/66

13th Floor Elevators
13th Floor Elevators

Check out this picture of the 13th Floor Elevators playing the Teodar Jackson Benefit, at the Austin Methodist Center, 3/12/66. Teodar Jackson was a black Texas Fiddle Player who was penniless and quite ill. Mr. Jackson had been discovered by Tary Owens during his folk music recording and cataloging around Texas. This benefit was Produced by Tary Owens and featured Janis just before she joined Big Brother, as well as Mance Lipscomb, Kenneth Threadgill, Bill Neeley, Powell St.John and Tary Owens, John Clay, The 13th Floor Elevators, and more. It was Emceed by Tary and Jim Langdon and raised enough money to cover Mr. Jackson's last expenses. Obviously, this show was probably the best representation of the early Austin music scene.

Supposedly, the first Texas lightshow, a kind of bubble machine, was shown at this event. This event was recorded in full. Janis Joplin sang three songs: "Going to Brownsville," "I Ain't Got To Worry," and Buffy St. Marie's "Codeine." Not only that, Ms. Joplin even joined the 13th Floor Elevators and sang backup vocals for a set. This was recorded and a copy exists in the Tary Owens Collection as well as the Chet Helm's Collection. Fact. Janis returned to Austin, from San Francisco, after a terrible bout with addiction to injecting speed. She came back to Texas to get straightened out and after she did she wanted to sing again.

Janis also played a previous Teodar Jackson benefit at The Eleventh Door in Austin, March 5-6, 1966. The 13th Floor Elevators also played this event. Jim Langdon arranged for her to come back to Austin, from San Francisco, and play her bluesy-folk stuff. The 11th Door was located where Symphony Square is now by 11th and Red River. For this gig, Ms. Joplin was remembered for wearing a black dress with her hair in a bun. People said she looked like a School Teacher until she began singing! A number of musicians performed such as Tary Owens and Powell St. John, but of particular interest was that Janis appeared and sang while the Elevators closed the show.

At the top, the 13th Floor Elevators are shown at the beginning of their peak which lasted through the Spring of 1967. Pictured are: Tommy, Bennie Thurman, John Ike Walton, Roky and Stacy. Click on the picture itself to enlarge it for a much better view.

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Anonymous said...

Hey bro! Where'd you get that awesome pic of the Elevators at the benefit?

SanchoPanza said...

Who is this Paul Drummond? His collection of pictures must be HUGE.