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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Golden Dawn Power Plant Video from the Austin Psych Fest

Golden Dawn Power Plant
Golden Dawn Power Plant

I'm watching the video that I shot of the Golden Dawn Power Plant live at the Austin Psych Fest a couple of months ago. It came out GREAT, considering that I don't know what I am doing. I had the help of a tripod and a 1080 DP HD video camera. 

Golden Dawn Power Plant
Golden Dawn Power Plant
I'm not posting anything on Youtube because... I met a couple of cool guys at the show and they were shooting the concert too. Their rig looked much more expensive than mine and, get this, one guy was a professional at that stuff and was shooting the show for the Festival Archive. Anyway, we got to talking and they had heard of me before and knew that I was friends with George. Annnnnyway, we got to talking about combining our footage into a two-camera shoot and making one DVD from it. One of the guys is a professional Video Editor as well. And, get this, the other guy was recording the show with a DAT and expensive looking mics. So, we have a nice audio feed to synch with it. See where I am going with this? The stars aligned perfectly that night.

Golden Dawn Power Plant
Golden Dawn Power Plant
Anyway, we got the blessing of George Kinney and we are going ahead with this project! It will be ready when these guys work their magic on it and combine the two cameras and synch in the audio. We will need *somebody* to produce DVD art but that's another bridge that we will cross when it's time to cross.

Think of it! Power Plant live video! Who would have ever thunk it a few years ago! We're working for ya! Always free of charge!

Oh yeah, check out this Golden Dawn Vulcan Gas Company poster that I had framed by going HERE.

And check out George and Mal Thursday wailing out on Starvation and My Time below:

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Golden Dawn Power Plant live video!