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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Five Americans Western Union/Sound of Love - Sump'n Else Show (1967)

Check out this primo footage of the Five Americans from the Sump'n Else TV Show! As far as I know this is the only footage from Sump'n Else available. Bud Buschardt was the sound guy for Sump'n Else. He is a big taper fascist. Supposedly, ALL of the Sump'n Else footage was erased the next day. Obviously, that wasn't true in this case. There is no question in my mind the Elevators performances exist. He is leaking this video for a reason... 

Bud Buschardt was a producer/director at WFAA-TV (Channel 8) in Dallas-Fort Worth. In his 17½ years at WFAA he held various positions: commercial and program writer, audio specialist, on-camera talent, and production facilities coordinator. He produced the first concept music video to be shown on Dallas-Fort Worth television and pioneered the use of many equipment advances as they came along in the industry. Before oldies radio stations existed, he wrote, produced, and hosted for WFAA radio the first regularly scheduled oldies show in the area with 57 Nostalgia Place. He also is working with Dr. Sam Sauls on a co-authored book entitled Sump’n Else: Television Bandstand Days.  

Below here is some footage of the Five Americans playing on the Steve Allen Show in 1967 and not miming:

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