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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lord August Vulcan Gas Company Poster

vulcan gas company

vulcan gas company

vulcan gas company

Check out this Lord August Vulcan Gas Company poster that I just got back from being restored. It was de-acidified, cleaned, repaired and mounted on linen. It's a great piece.

This was a band Augie Meyers was in prior to re-joining Sir Doug in 1969. Lord August and the Visions of Lite were mainstays of San Antonio's rock scene from 1966 to 1968, playing clubs like the Pusi-Kat and the Mystic Moor if you were over eighteen or the Teen Canteen if you weren't. They dropped the Continental Army-look with the white gloves, growing their hair well past the Beatles style into the nascent hippie look. While playing with local bands such as the Chayns, Cain's Children, and Rocksand, they also opened for touring acts like the Yardbirds.

"When Doug got popped in '65, we couldn't leave Texas for three years," explains Meyers. "I put a band together called Lord August & the Visions of Lite. We cut records and played around Texas."

"Huey managed us: 'Y'all gotta dress, look nice. Don't never go out onstage with holes in your tennis shoes and blue jeans and T-shirts with stains on them. People wanna see nice. They don't wanna see what they look like.' So we dressed all the time. At first, Huey said to wear white gloves, so when we went onstage, we'd take our gloves off and throw them out to the audience. After two months, Huey said: 'We've been through 500 pair of gloves, and they cost $2 apiece. No more glove throwing.' We didn't throw no more gloves." 

Below is the finished piece framed and on the wall of Tut's Tomb Phoenix Auxiliary Unit.
vulcan gas company
Vulcan Gas Company

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