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Friday, February 24, 2012

New Atlantis Vulcan Gas Company Piece

Check out this New Atlantis Vulcan piece by Jim Harter. Tut’s Tomb Dallas owns this. Many thanks to this collector for making his images available to the fans.

New Atlantis was a hard rock outfit composed of Jim Mings, Danny Galindo, Mike Reid and Jay Meade. There was also another (later) version of New Atlantis with Donnie Erickson (Roky's brother) and Bob Galindo who were the guitar players for New Atlantis - ver. 2.0.

To read more about New Atlantis, and listen to some song bits, go HERE.

Here’s a quote about New Atlantis from my friend Marti Sivers:
There were actually two New Atlantis lineups. The first had the amazing Austin guitar player Jim Mings in it. I never heard the 2nd New Atlantis, but heard the 1st several times. They were a pretty good band. I think one of the times I heard them was at some kind of party in a back yard near the UT campus. It was a deep backyard, & part of it was higher than the other. Most of the people sat at the very back, like at the bottom of a small hill. The bands were playing on a patio, not a stage. There were ALOT of people, it was packed. I think we were just hanging around the Drag & someone invited us. I've often wondered where (& exactly what---a party?) it was. If anyone else who was in Austin was there, would love to know those things. It was spring of '68 because I was still in high school & just in Austin for the weekend. Anyway, New Atlantis was pretty good.

Here’s a quote from New Atlantis ver. 1.0 Guitarist Jim Mings:
I may have told you that I had the marvelous opportunity to accompany some of the re-emerging blues artists in the 1960s. We discovered that they weren't dead yet! Maybe some day I will write about the fantastic nights I had at a place called the Vulcan Gas Company (Houston White! God Bless you!) Briefly let me say that I got to hang play with John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, Johnny Winter, Big Joe Williams, John Hurt, Fred McDowell, Muddy Waters and others who came when invited. You could get Muddy Waters do drive to Austin from Chicago in his station wagon - with his classic band - for about $500 a night in 1967 money. I got to play their guitars and if I didn't get to play I was "There"! I was 18/19 and in the "house band," New Atlantis. When you stand on stage with John Lee in front of a lot of people you get a strong dose of "conception." I learned, along with much else, that having something to say always whips empty dexterity. Fortunately, I was smart enough to play it cool. That's why I got the gigs.

Here’s another quote from my dear friend the late, great, Doug Walden:
...seems like we played a few shows together with New Atlantis at the Vulcan (I was with the Grits), but I cant remember a thing... could it have been the drugs?

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