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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Muddy Waters Vulcan Gas Company Poster

Muddy Waters Vulcan Gas Company

Check out this sick Muddy Waters Vulcan Gas Company poster! And look who was the the warm up band - Johnny Winter! Supposedly, when Johnny was wailing out, Mud called Chicago and screamed into the phone at Willie Dixon *that* was a white boy wailing out! This poster has been folded but nothing some tender, loving, professional restoration couldn't fix.

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1 comment:

Mike Crawford said...

All the ones of these I have seen in the past of this particular poster have been folded . I know they used news print trying to save money on a few of the posters as the Vulcan folks at the time were running the club on a shoe string budget. Perhaps the paper they used had the fold in it perhaps since it was newsprint paper ??