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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

13th Floor Elevators - the Third Voice

13th floor elevators

Jerry Lightfoot told me about a concept of the 13th Floor Elevators known as the Third Voice. When we interviewed Clementine Hall in 2004 she talked about the Third Voice too. This concept has never appeared in print about the band and it was something that Roky and Stacy and the bass player strove to accomplish.

I dunno, maybe Paul Drummond mentioned it in his dog of a book about the 13th Floor Elevators and never gave us credit as the original source for this information. But the Third Voice first appeared on the Clementine Hall interview from 2004. Before that, Jerry told me all about it.

Basically, the Third Voice stated that the two guitarists (Stacy and Roky) or the guitars and the bass could be so in synch and in tune that they could play completely different parts and a "Third Voice" could emerge from the two parts. Or that Roky and Stacy could play so closely together that their guitar parts appeared as one sound or one melody. That was the Third Voice Concept and it was something that Roky and Stacy worked very hard to accomplish together.

I can (sort of) hear it in action on the 'Elevators' music. Me? Sometimes I don't know where Roky leaves off and Stacy starts. It all sounds like one guitar to me. I have always thought that Roky and Stacy were the PERFECT Rhythm Guitar / Lead Guitar combo.

Then the bass would be listening to the Third Voice from the two guitars and then try to meld in and produce a second Third Voice from the guitars and bass. That was the magic of the 'Elevators music.

And they actually thought this shit up and practiced making it happen.

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