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Friday, February 10, 2012

13th Floor Elevators "Pooh" Handbill

13th floor elevators

13th floor elevators

Check out these two "Pooh" Vulcan Gas Company handbills! These handbills are even rarer than the posters! One is a "negative" version of the other (almost) and confirms that two versions of this 'bill were produced. One handbill is autographed by Spencer Perskin. Again, we are in the home of the serious collector of Texas Psych art. This site is known as Tut's Tomb Dallas. There's a Tut's Tomb Austin and a Tut's Tomb Unit P Auxiliary in Phoenix (my home). But Tut's Tomb Dallas has yielded many "wondrous things" for us to grok over the next months.

And that's what it's all about - sharing. See... this Collector is part of the human race and he GETS IT. He gets the Quest for Pure Sanity thing. Part of this Quest is that one doesn't "hold on" to anything and they share with others. Our Collector in Dallas understands this.

The other? What others? Paul Drummond? The guy obtains a single, never-seen-before, photograph of Roky and the Spades and falls all over himself to copyright it in his name. Really? Paul wasn't even born when that photo was taken so... why is he copyrighting it in his own name? And how did he get it? He talked it out of the person that took it with the ol' "I'm an Author and I am writing a book" scam. Read more about this picture here.

Patrick Lama? That guy wrote his own Wikipedia article! No loss of the ego there. And a big part of the Quest is reduction of the ego. This guy has a long history of shenanigans in the Texas Psych space. Like cribbing the 'Elevators' stuff out of the Jack Ortman Scrapbooks. He fell over himself to give all his friends props in his "13th Floor Elevators Reference File" but Jack got a single mention as a "source" when Lama ripped the entire piece of work out of the Ortman Scrapbooks.

When Walt Andrus died Lama had the enormous brass balls to get on Mr. Andrus' Obituary on the Houston Press blog and complain that they had used "his" photograph of Mr. Andrus without his permission. Then he threatened that "no more" would be forthcoming as if he even has anything worth looking at! Back in the day, Lama used to get on the Internet message boards and crow about "this" 'Elevators 45 rpm mix and "that" mono LP track. But God forbid he would share anything. It was all about that SELF IMPORTANCE of being able to say that he had something that other didn't. And really? All he had was some scratchy vinyl that he bought on Ebay. Lama has no "in" with people. To read more about Lama go here. Yuk.

This brings us to Billy Miller also known as Billy Alienate. Once, he had a minor part in one of Roky's bands. He has since turned that into a career of being somebody that "knows" Roky. He also is in possession of cassette tapes of Roky Erickson Aliens Session that he claims to "own". Billy used to to convert like... 10 seconds of some rare session to MP3 and post it for people to hear. The whole idea of this was to boost that SELF IMPORTANCE by showing that he "owned" something that nobody else had.

Well... Cracking open Tut's Tomb in Austin put the kibosh on that nonsense. What was in Tut's Tomb Austin but the entire Aliens sessions on reel to reel and cassette! Billy has nothing to crow about now but that doesn't stop him. To read more about Billy Alienate go here and here and here.

People like this don't get the Quest for Pure Sanity; it totally escapes them. And don't be fooled by their rap and they DO have a rap.

To read more about Jack Ortman go here and here and here.

Enjoy the images that will be published!

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