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Monday, February 6, 2012

13th Floor Elevators Cashbox Tear Sheets

13th floor elevators

13th floor elevators
13th floor elevators

Check out these three pages out of 1966 music magazines. See… back before there were all these modern conveniences, like the Internet and mobi apps, groups had to do things like pay the Disc Jockey to play their song (Payola) or buy advertising space in a music mag that the DJ might read such as Cashbox, Billboard and Record World.

These are Cashbox tear sheets from 13th Floor Elevators 45 rpm ads. I guess IA thought enough of this method of advertising to purchase full page ads. A “tear sheet” is just that; a single sheet “torn” from the magazine that show’s the client’s ad. Really, tear sheets are sent to the client prior to the ad running so they can see the layout.

Two of these are from that Uber Collector who is giving us a glimpse into “Tut’s Tomb”. One piece is mine; the one with all the signatures on it. I have Roky, Tommy, Clementine, Ronnie, John Ike, Danny Thomas and Powell St. John. Yeah, I know folks.

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