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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vulcan Gas Company Psycho Bubbles Poster

psycho bubbles

psycho bubbles
Check out this rare Vulcan Gas Company poster on our friend's wall. It promotes a series of shows featuring Shiva's Head Band, Conqueroo, Afro Caravan and the Golden Dawn. Show dates were December 22 - 31, 1967. This fabulous psychedelic image, "PSYCHO BUBBLES", was designed by Gilbert Shelton, and is referred to as VG 9 in the Vulcan Gas series. For good measure I am throwing in the handbill too.

To me, this poster is obviously a nod to the Vulcan's Light Show. Practitioners would squeeze colored oils between two glass clock-faces on an overhead projectioner. 

PSYCHO BUBBLE from Shawn Knol on Vimeo.

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SanchoPanza said...


I know that this is a longshot, but how possible is it to find the VG 9 poster for sale?