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Monday, January 9, 2012

Three Vulcan Gas Company Handbills

Vulcan gas company handbills

Check out these three Vulcan Gas Company handbills. Actually, the center one (Conqueroo /Rachel's Children) is an Electric Grandmother piece. The Electric Grandmother pre-dated the Vulcan and was (essentially) the same folks. The center handbill promoted a Celebration of Love, Apr 22, 1967 at the Doris Miller Auditorium in Austin. This was where the Electric Grandmother was attempting to take their shenanigans mainstream and put the acid rock shows mainstream. We all know how that worked out...

The first handbill is known as the Indian and Phonograph and features Shiva's Headband and the Lost & Found. My pal, Jerry Lightfoot, once told me that the Lost & Found were the most exciting live act after the 'Elevators. The last handbill is known as White Girl and promotes Shiva's and the Thingies with the South Canadian Overflow.

The Singer for the Thingies contacted me awhile back and was going to sign my Vulcan poster but I lost his email and the opportunity skittered off into the void.

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1 comment:

Slide Machine said...

Nice pieces. I wonder what the Thingies sounded like and if they recorded anything.