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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Roky Erickson - "I Am An Alien" Notarized Statement

Roky Erickson

Talk about a Prime Piece of Roky Erickson Memorabilia; how would YOU like to have Roky Erickson's Notarized Statement that he is an Alien framed on YOUR wall! We are still peering into the home of that major collector and he's busting out the weird shit!

In the early Eighties Roky began telling friends that Aliens were coming to Earth to harm him. In 1982, a Notary Public was enlisted to Witness and Officiate a statement by Erickson that he was an Alien himself. By making an Official Declaration that he was an Alien, Roky hoped that this would convince the real Aliens to leave him alone and be in line with any "international laws" he might have been breaking. Afterwards, Roky claimed that the attacks stopped.

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