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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rare Armadillo World Headquarters Posters

Check out some more rare Armadillo World Headquarters posters! These are from the same Collector whose collection we are currently highlighting.

We Have (top to bottom):

a rare Jim Harter “bug” piece
2)   a rare Ravi Shankar piece by Jim Franklin
3)   a 1977 Jim Harter Armadillo Calendar
4)   flying enchiladas by Jim Franklin
5)   the 1st ‘dillo by Jim Franklin
6)   the 2nd ‘dillo

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George Jetson said...

anybody want to buy the Ravi Shankar at the Armidillo poster?

George Jetson said...

It has a few tack holes in it, but I have many more posters from them days