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Friday, January 13, 2012

Jim Franklin Armadillo World Headquarters "Floating 'dillo" Poster

Jim Franklin Armadillo

Jim Franklin Armadillo

Take a look at this beauty, it’s known as “Floating ‘dillo”. Like, the planet the view is from is an armadillo and the moon, circling the planet, is another armadillo. Yeah, no drugs there Jim.

Here are two photos of this piece. One is a more dignified framing job with a black frame and yellow and black matting. The other shot is mine and I went for the primary colors in the image: red and yellow.

This is an early Jim Franklin Armadillo World Headquarters poster promoting, what must have been a MONSTER gig, Mother Earth & Shiva’s Headband. This must’ve been a real Texas Psych Extravaganza; two of the last surviving bands back at the scene of the crime in 1971. By 1971, Roky was in Rusk, the Red Crayola had left any semblance of melody and tune behind in their Quest for Weirdness, George Kinney had said: “Fuck it” and was pursuing a career in Country music in Nashville. Mother Earth and Shiva’s were the last two left standing. It must have been some gig with most of the cognoscenti in attendance.

Please see below Mother Earth performing a version of the 13th Floor Elevators’ Kingdom of Heaven.

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