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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Conqueroo, Rachel's Children, Jomo Disaster Psych Handbill

rachel's children

Check out this cool psych handbill from May 6, 1967 for a concert held at the Doris Miller Auditorium in Austin, TX (promoted by the Vulcan Gas Company). Conqueroo, Rachel's Children and the Jomo Disaster Light Show. Measures 7 3/4" x 10 1/2". Nice!

Rachel's Children formed in San Antonio in late 1967. They opened for the 13th Floor Elevators when the 'Elevators opened the Mind's Eye club in San Antonio.

Now, I have looked on Google, Yahoo and Youtube for anything else about Rachel's Children. I can find nothing! Who can enlighten us? Add Comments to this post.

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RokySyd said...

I found this on Facebook:

Rachel's Children opened for 13th Floor Elevators the opening night of the Mind's Eye (Steve Perron's club). I was writing and toting equipment for Rachel's Children and introduced the group. Tommy Hall stayed with us that night. Don't know how long Steve had the place. This was '67 and in '71 I stayed for a while with Steve and his group The Children (not to be confused) after I moved from Austin to Houston. I think we lost Steve about 3 yrs later. A great memory from that time was walking past Steve's room and hearing him working on a song called "Sweet Chariot" I think. It was fantastic and sounded a lot like "Wild Horses". When I stopped to tell him how much I liked it he made it a point to tell me he had written it well before. Jagger and Richards wrote "Wild Horses".

RokySyd said...

I found this too:

Anyone remember the MINDS EYE in San Antonio? Rachels Children and 13th Floor playing til the wee hours. Loved it. Miss all of you guys. So many are gone now but always remembered.

Peyote Mudbug said...

Wasn't Mind's Eye Club on Austin Highway? Anyone know the exact location?

Would love to see some handbills / posters from the 60's Psychedelic era of San Antonio.