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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bull of the Woods - If Only...

bull of the woods

Back in the day I used to bash Bull of the Woods. At that time, I just had never heard a good copy of it. Now that I enjoy IA rips to CD of that album, and the 45's, I can say that I love that album. What other band could have put out such a great album while in the throes of being gut-shot? I just wish that IA would have spent more time with the track selections and TAKEN THE TIME to actually SEE what was there to work with. If they had done that, they could have put out a worthy follow-up to Easter Everywhere and then Stacy could have had his solo album after.

It's like with Syd Barrett and the Madcap Laughs LP. They had all these GREAT TRACKS in the can, from two previous Producers, and Gilmour and Waters opted to drag an annoyed Syd Barrett out of bed and have him bang out three tracks on the acoustic to *finish* the LP. All they fucking had to do was LOOK AROUND and tracks like Swan Lee, Rhamadan #1, Lanky, Dolly Rocker, Let's Split and the wonderful Opel were right there to just be added to the LP.

Still... Madcap Laughs is a work of genius, even with the three "hurry it up" tracks. And I guess that's my point with Bull of the Woods.

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RokySyd said...

Here is Danny Thomas' reply to that post:

You are right about Bull of the Woods. There were other circumstances too. Stacy was doing smack. Ronnie was getting restless wanting to return to the hill country. Tommy and Roky were on the run in California. Lelan got fired/quit IA. The Bubble Puppy got onto Billboard top 100. I got married. Music was changing from garage band to show band. The list goes on and on.