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Monday, December 19, 2011


roky cd club

This is Kiloh, I am reviewing the Roky CD Club #50. Yup, we have been operating for FIFTY VOLUMES now! Whoring it out on the street for all the fans for over ten years now. Roky CD Club #50 is a 2 disc set of Evil Ones vocal and instrumental tracks.
To read the particulars of these discs and see where to DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE! GO HERE NOW.

OK, this is vocal takes and instrumental takes. All of this stuff is taken from cassette copies of the master tapes. This is, basically, THE MOTHDERLODE! Some quality is a bit better than others and there are a few spots where the tape was damaged but… THIS STUFF IS ALL EXCELLENT QUALITY! All of the highs and lows are there; it’s crisp as fresh iceberg lettuce. And when I say the “tape was damaged” don’t let your little minds begin working about “damaged tape”. There are a couple spots, about two seconds long, where the tape fades in and out a bit. But, other than that, this is all AMAZING QUALITY.

Now, the “Vocal Tracks” disc does have instruments on it as well. The mix is the rough mix; there’s no Stu Cook “polishing” of the sound here. Billy Alienate? That dog was well leashed on these tracks. Who knows? Maybe he was blowing Stu Cook for more of a “presence” on the Evil One final mix.

As with any rough mix the drums are out front. This is like Led Zeppelin’s Coda LP where they put Bonham out front. But, with any rough recording of a rock band, the drums come out front. That’s not a “bad” thing here.

Roky sounds fantastic! ‘nuff said!

The grouping of the tracks might be a little off-putting to some because one hears like… 5 Cold Night For Alligators and 6 Wind And More tracks back-to-back that are very, very, very similar. But the REAL FANS will be going: “Can I please have more!?”

The instrumental tracks disc is great too. Listening to this disc one really becomes aware of just how much Roky adds. Roky is the Straw That Stirs the Drink. Oh hell, he’s the Ice and the Booze too; *maybe* the Aliens are the empty glass.

The picture for this blog post is my copies on the seat of my car while I fly through Phoenix rocking out to this stuff. There’s a little message for Billy and Luckin in there too. See if you can figure it out.

Finally, I want to say a word about our Producer. He is the unnamed one. The guy is a genius. Everything is done by hand. There are no “applications” run on this stuff. And by hand means that it takes time. He’s the FORCE behind the throne.

I tol’ you that we would/will continue to whore it all out. This is the fans TAKING CHARGE and continuing to destroy the multi-headed hydra of scumbags taking advantage of Roky’s Legacy and trying to line their pockets. WE PUT OUT THE BEST STUFF AND IT’S DONE FOR FREE! FREE! FREE!


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