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Thursday, December 15, 2011

13th Floor Elevators - Grackle Debacle Vulcan Poster

Check out this, super rare, 13th Floor Elevators Grackle Debacle Vulcan Gas Company poster. This is the ONLY example of this VERY hard-to-find Vulcan Gas poster I've ever come across. I'm guessing most didn't survive, due to the extremely volatile/acidic newsprint it was printed on. A definite "set stopper" from the VG series.

This shows the band as "Stacey & The 13th Floor Elevators". Poster is black and white with art by Gilbert Shelton. In order to save money, the Vulcan Management printed some posters on newsprint, including this one. New Atlantis, which featured former Elevators member Dan Galindo, performed on the 29th as well (without the Elevators). This is the hardest to find of the three Vulcan Elevators posters. 

I will post another vid when I get this back from the Document Restorer's. Enjoy!

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