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Monday, November 21, 2011

Love Street Light Circus Poster - Opening Night

love street light circus

Check out this Love Street Light Circus poster that just surfaced. It was kicking around in some old trunk. It's in pretty rough shape but the colors are still vibrant.

In the late sixties, Allen's Landing was home to the Houston's best-known psychedelic nightspot, Love Street Light Circus Feel Good Machine opened on June 3rd 1967. This was where groups with names like the Red Crayola, the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Bubble Puppy, Shiva's Headband & Fever Tree performed mind-expanding music accented with strobe lights and pastel projections. The audiences sat at tables or in the Zonk-Out, a series of cushions with back rests. The historic Sunset Coffee Building on Commerce at Main Street, which housed the nightclub on its third floor, is still standing.

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1 comment:

Christopher Clements said...

Anyone know who the artist was that designed the famous Theda Bara day-glo poster for Love Street?