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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Open Letter to Charly Records - by Mike

Charly RecordsGreetings, over the past few years, Charly Records in conjunction with Paul Drummond, a self-acclaimed "author", have seen fit to re-release music from the old International Artists catalog of recordings. In this endeavor, it is all but certain you have made a great deal of money from these recordings, with little or, no, investment.

A few days ago, a member of the 13th Floor Elevators contacted our Group and informed us you have not paid royalties to him or, to other artists involved in your re-releases.

In this, "Charly" and, Paul Drummond, I have a challenge for you: Take the profits from your quasi-legitimate re-releases and set up a fund to pay the artists a fair fee for their work!

Instead of heading over to the "Pub" to impress women with dubious claims of "Record Barron" or "Author", set aside funds to reimburse the members of the bands you have flagrantly exploited for your own capital and, personal gains.

In resurrecting the name "International Artists" and stamping "your" releases with this title, you have also resuscitated the legendary reputation for greed, manipulation and graft endured by these artists through your disdain for their creative process.

In short, you are abusive and, dishonorable.

But, you can change this... You can step up, pick up your pen and send these artists their just dues. After 40 plus years, they deserve more than your abject disrespect...


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RokySyd said...

Here is a message posted on Facebook regarding Charly from a member of the band "The Bubble Puppy" I am reposting:

Charly Records refuses to communicate with Bubble Puppy regarding royalties and licensing of our recordings which they do not legally own. If they would come clean on the Roky deal so we all could know how they settled, perhaps we could reach the same agreement and move forward. I guessing none of the other artist are getting paid. Never let it die until charly has come clean of all licensing agreements and publishing. Charly = scum of the industry. Charly should know that
some day they will pay one way or another... it's on my bucket list.

Bubble Puppy broke the top ten with Hot Smoke and Sasafrass reaching number 9 in record world and 14 in Billboard. By far the highest charting International Artist release. Charly ran 1/4 page Bubble Puppy ads in Mojo Magazine for six months last year. The numbers must have supported that expense. Pisses me off. Anyone wishing to purchase
our album should do so by contacting me through our Facebook page. We'll get you a legal version and the artist will be paid.

RokySyd said...

George Kinney posted on Facebook:

Roky is getting royalities becasue someone hired a lawyer in his behalf to force them to pay him royalties. I guess they figured since it was Roky, there might be some money involved. With me, there might not be enough money to interest those the the esteemed legal profession.

Yeah, someone hired a lawyer a few years ago to represent Roky and since he is by far the most popular of the IA stable, I guess they figured it was worth the time and effort to sue for royalties. They won and Roky is getting at least something for this songs and talent. Good for him. As for the rest of us lowly IA ponies, a nothing sandwich and a thirty year note.