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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Message from John Ike Walton

John Ike walton


Thanks for the post everyone should know Internationalartistsrecords.com is the worlds biggest rip off record company ever. The old one from Houston and the one in England don't believe musicians should ever be paid for their works. They somehow believe stealing is OK.

Columbia contacted our manager when we were playing the Avalon in 1967 and they wanted to sign us but International Artists would not have let us go. Capitol also contacted Steve Tolin our manager. He went to work as Dick Clark's PR rep. and left us because Roky was beginning to freak out from all the crystal meth Tommy was keeping him on. That’s Right folks the 13th floor elevators except Ronnie and I, thought they were taking LSD but Tommy was representing crystal meth as LSD to Roky and Stacy. I saw he had crystal meth and wouldn't take it. That's why Tommy ruled Roky and Stacy's brains. Sad but true. JIW

Any thing else you would like to know? By the way Roky totally wrote Splash 1. I was sitting on the sofa when he first played it for Clementine and I. She so got Tommy to have her name put on the album as author of Splash 1. She is such a bandit just like her Idiot husband Tommy. Tommy was the only one of us that got money to keep going from IA to keep them recording for those thieves. Enough said for now To Be continued. Remember kids don't buy from Internationalartistsrecords.com; the bands are getting the shaft. JIW

Kiloh, thanks for the support. Let's bring IA down. Fuck the British Record THIEVES!

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Kevin Rathert said...

Did the band get paid for the first box set from Charly/IA? If not, why give them a shot at a second box set? Who gave them the master tapes and why? I hadn't heard any of this and was duped into buying the cd box set and have a vinyl box on order from Burning Shed. Sounds like they're thieves too. If no royalties are being paid the music should be avoided at all costs. Kevin