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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Black Angels Rock the Kanrocksas Music Festival

black angels

Although the daze of the sixties mega festivals (Woodstock, Isle of Wight, Texas Pop) are gone, big music festivals are not merely an element of the past. As shown by the popularity of the more current festivals like ACLU, Lolapalooza and Coachella, mega festival music in the USA is alive and kicking. Another soon-to-be behemoth, The Kanrocksas Music Festival, touched down on the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. on Aug. 5 and 6. The event featured headliners Muse and Eminem in addition to more than thirty other acts including the Black Angels, Cudi, Flogging Molly and A Perfect Circle.

With five different stages, there was hardly a moment in which there were less than two artists performing at once during the whole two-day festival. Stages included the “Critical Mass Tent” which featured smaller audiences for a more intimate event with performers like Tempah and other deejays.

Despite being named for its location, Kanrocksas boasted attendees from all over the USA as well as Canada, Australia and Ireland, according to officials associated with the event. Others attendees from out of the area included a representative from Kicker Audio, Connor Schuman. Kicker Audio is a division of Stillwater Designs.

“I suggested that it would be really beneficial to go to somewhere like Kanrocksas where college students and audiophiles are running around,” Schuman said, “There are music lovers of all age at Kanrocksas and these are people who might be interested in our product, since we are a performance audio company. The marketing department liked the idea,”

Austin natives The Black Angels also performed at the event, bringing a decidedly Texan flair. A press release for the band speaks to the Texan origins of their music, revealing that previous albums “Passover” and “Directions to See a Ghost” were recorded in the band’s base in Austin.

Another view of one of the previous songs:

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