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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ultra Rare Texas Psych Poster Art!

Texas Psych Poster
Texas Psych Poster
Texas Psych Poster

How would you all like to see some REALLY RARE Texas Psych poster art? This is what the big time collectors are into up in their rarified airs! This stuff is as rare as hen’s teeth baby!

Look what we got:

  1. A The Vulcan / Zilker Owl Love In poster. That’s about thirty-five hundred.
  2. A Grateful Dead, Panther Hall, poster. Panther Hall was a Dallas Area place. Recently, another poster like this went for seven grand at auction.
  3. A 13th Floor Elevators “Hand” poster and handbill! You’re looking at five grand right there.
The best part of this whole thing is that this collector is an actual human being. He’s cool and humble and interested in other people’s interest in this space who might not be at his level. You know, I’ve met so many assholes in this space over the years that, sometimes, I forget what a real human being is like.

You know, after being exposed to the Billy Alienate’s, Lama’s, Andrew Brown’s, Chris Meerbott’s and other sundry hemorrhoids in the Texas Psych Universe uhhhhh… I stuck it out (and stuck it to them too) and I discovered that there is a whole other level of COOL PEOPLE into this stuff; people like this collector, the Roky tape donor, my pal George Kinney, my pal Jerry Lightfoot, more…

Sure, the assholes are there but they are really a small part of things and they got nothing. They’re just really, really vocal about the little bit they do have. And you know what? Nobody *has* anything. It’s all part of the big, cosmic, mathematical, semantics gas bag envisioned by Tommy Hall and others. You just got to plug into it and light a match. BOOM!

It’s nice to see that this stuff exists. It’s nice to see that it’s owned by an actual human being too.

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1 comment:

RokySyd said...

See... I already knew that nobody *had* anything, that's why I shared everything.