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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Roky and the Aliens - Roky CD Club #48 & #49 Review

roky and the aliens
I've been listening to the three Roky and the Aliens discs and... this is some of the best material we have put out. The quality is amazing and the material is great. The material is also missing that Stu Cook polish that (I think) detracts from the LP.

Billy Miller is hardly evident; they kept their yapping dog on a leash for these sessions. We didn't have to employ the Billy-o-Meter on these tracks. The Billy-o-Meter is Roky CD Club Production identifying Billy's terrible screeching tone on the signal processing software interface. We then can "shave" it down. One day, we will eliminate it. Sure, Billy jumps in occasionally and tries to make his statement but, on these more raw tracks, that little yapping dog was kept on a leash.

Disc #48 is a collection of MP3 sourced tracks that were floating around along with a few tracks from another boot. We wanted it all gathered together. This disc sounds great but the bass signals might sound a little "boomy" on cheaper systems. Still, the sound is great.

Even though #49 is from cassette sources they are 1st gen off the masters. The quality is fantastic. Additionally, the music has a DYNAMIC RANGE because we didn't compress the shit out of the signal like Charly did with the 'Elevators masters.

With these discs one can crank up the volume without the sound becoming all brittle & harsh like the Charly discs. One can crank this up without hurting one's ears. The sound has that warmth and it's not all flat and up in your face like the Charly discs. Those Charly discs have zero dynamic range.

Roky sounds GREAT on these discs.

Be sure to grab these discs. Here are the blog posts for information on hos to grab them!

Roky CD Club #48:

Roky CD Club #49:

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I always thought that little gaybait, Billy Miller, was the weak link of that great band. His noises detracted from the overall sound/vision. The Aliens would have been better without him. He was excess baggage.