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Friday, July 8, 2011

13th Floor Elevators Avalon FD 104 Original Art

13th floor elevators avalon
Check out this original art and "stat" for the February 2-4, 1968, Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco concerts featuring Electric Flag, Mad River, Fugs, 13th Floor Elevators / FD 104 art by Victor Moscoso. "Stat" is a term used to refer to the transitional stage between the original artwork and the printing film (which is used to transfer the image to the printing plate, etc.). It mirrors the original art, but is on a surface that can be transferred to the film. This is a great atypical Moscoso image with old fashioned eagle in clouds, lightning bolts, and hand giving "the bird" (finger) at the bottom.

Headlining was The Electric Flag (soon to become The Buddy Miles Express). On the 3rd Northwest Neuronauts, Mad River, were in town; on the 4th the Fugs played. The 13th Floor Elevators never played these gigs and were going through their breakdown of which much has been written about elsewhere. Chet was, obviously, tired of their drama and had them billed 4th.

It's hard to get any more rare than this 13th Floor Elevators Avalon original art! See the finished product below:

The original poster was printed on uncoated index stock and measures approximately 14″ x 20″.

The postcard comes in three varieties, all of which measure approximately 5″ x 7″:

The Type A card has a “place stamp here” reverse.

The Type B card has a bulk rate permit on the back.

The Type C card has a bulk rate permit on the back and was mechanically addressed and sent to people on the Family Dog mailing list.

See another post showing an acrylic painting of this same piece by going here:

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Anonymous said...

Cool and interesting piece of history! Thanks for sharing.