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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Black Angels - Rhythm Room, Phoenix, 5.18.11 Video

Check out the vid I shot at the Black Angels show in Phoenix last month! The Rhythm Room is a tiny, blues, club so it was a surprise that the 'Angels were booked. The staff pulled out all the tables and chairs and packed the kids in like sardines.

It was LOUD! My girl sought refuge out on the patio. There, she struck up a conversation with some psychedelic people. The guy has an advanced Degree in Chemistry from ASU and he's putting it to use trying to isolate new psychoactive compounds from San Pedros cactus and other organic sources. He told me all about his "work". Oh yeah, he follows the Black Angels around too. His girl told me about how she ingested 100 hits of blotter acid over a single weekend and saw God. She follows the Black Angels around too. They were really nice, psychedelic, people of the like who used to follow the Grateful Dead around. It was cool to see that some are still around.

This vid? My camera is sound challenged and the place was JUMPING around. This isn't Ed Sullivan Show footage. It's raw and primal.

Oh yeah, after the show my two psychedelic friends took me to the 'Angels' bus and they all signed my 2008 Roky Erickson and the Black Angels at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles poster. I was at that show and shot vid there too. Now, I just need to get Roky to sign the damn thing.

Anyway, enjoy the vid:

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