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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stacy Sutherland Drawing from High School

stacy sutherlandA new Stacy Sutherland image has appeared on the Internet. Please see it above. Today, it was being discussed on the Texas Psych Google Group. Please see the discussion below.

Eltex said:
"This may be my earliest drawing of a musician, from a photograph while in high school. This I believe is Stacy Sutherland from the 13th Floor Elevators. My brother, Benny, was their original bass player" Darrel Thurman

Darrel Thurman was killed yesterday in a motorcycle accident. He was a great artist, and a fine person. He will be missed by many.

note: drawing is copyrighted by Darrel Thurman

Marc Minsker said:
Careful, before you know it the drawing will be in the Paul Drummond collection.

holma...@gmail.com said:
Appreciate you letting us know. I think he lived here in Austin, or around here, but I didn't hear anything about it until this. Thanks again.

You can see the entire discussion by clicking HERE.

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RokySyd said...
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Anonymous said...

All you older folks with memorabilia & photographs need to watch out for Paul Drummond. He seeks you out! His rap is he's this "author". His MO is that he obtains copies (or the original) of your precious memorabilia & photos and then COPYRIGHTS them in his name. It becomes part of the Paul Drummond Collection.