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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Signed 13th Floor Elevators Contact 45 RPM

13th Floor Elevators Contact
13th Floor Elevators Contact
Check out this 13th Floor Elevators Contact 45! It’s signed by John Ike Walton on the A side and Roky Erickson on the B. It’s in rough shape but… what the hey! It’s almost 50 friggin’ years old! This is from that same “Tut’s Tomb” collection in Texas.

The Contact Sessions were the first studio recordings by The Thirteenth Floor Elevators, recorded in January and February 1966. This single is the same version issued later in '66 on Houston's International Artists label.

In late 1965 Tommy Hall snapped up Roky Erickson from the Spades; who had recorded their own version of You're Gonna Miss Me. The newly formed Elevators then re-recorded the song for Contact Records. By the spring of '66, the record had been snapped up by an upstart label in Houston, International Artists Records, who was able to turn it into a small nationwide success.

Other songs were recorded at the Contact sessions. They were released in 2007 under a botched job overseen by Paul Drummond. These wonderful analog recordings were compressed and sound flat. To read more about this botched job go HERE.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow I have this record in basically pristine condition (w/o the cool autographs off course), my uncle gave it to me, he said that he bought it at a high school that the Elevators were playing at, along with a band/dude simply named Michael and he got a 45 of him as well... i wonder what it's worth the last time i saw it auctioned it got over 100$ in not so great condition and with a much less cool autograph (the record owners')I try not to play it too much cuz i may have one of the best kept copies in existence, but it's hard cuz I like these rawer crazier versions than what ended up on the album. Do ya'll ever talk about the Six Pents here? I've also got one of theirs with one really killer psych side. I've also got one Neil Ford 45 were he gets all psychedelic i'm not sure how often he did that...anyways yeah, groovy!