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Friday, April 1, 2011

Roky Erickson and the Aliens Rhino 45 Test Pressing

Check out this Roky Erickson and the Aliens 45! It’s signed by Billy Alienate! Look, you can see his scrawl right by my finger. It’s actually TWO copies, both test pressings! The front sleeve of the one is signed by Roky. Billy made sure to get his signature all over the rest. And, I’ll be durned, it’s a test pressing! I wonder what Billy’s signature, on an actual test pressing, is worth?

The Aliens were part of, what became known as, the “California Group”. The original, original Roky Erickson solo band was known as Bleib Alien. They were comprised of Texans and were all friends of Roky. The Great Jerry Lightfoot was on lead guitar. It was Bleib Alien that worked up all of those solo songs that we have come to know and love.

When Bleib Alien approached Doug Sahm about recording he was keen to do this but wanted HIS band to back Roky. This produced the famous Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog) bw Starry Eyes 45.

Somewhere along the line this California Group stepped in and Bleib Alien was no more. The California Group shortened the name to “The Aliens” and then set about looking for a record deal. This yielded the Bermuda bw The Interpreter 45 shown in these pictures.

The California Group went on to do horrible things to Roky. Roky was in a fragile state and his “Manager”, the Leader of the California Group, had Roky sign the Rights over to his whole solo catalog. Yup, that’s true. Billy Alienate is that guy’s best buddy. Ya getting the picture here?

It culminated in the days of the mid-Nineties, when Roky was living in desperate circumstances, and the California Group held ALL of his solo catalog Rights. They weren’t paying out a dime either. These were Roky’s, supposed, “friends”.

It took the creation of the Roky CD Club to begin funneling that, much needed, extra dough to Roky. See… we couldn’t call anything a “payment” or “Royalty” because Roky’s FRIENDS, the California Group, would swoop down and force the money into an escrow account to be determined after the LAWSUIT. See… these were “really good” friends of Roky Erickson and Billy Alienate was a core part of that crowd.

It took awhile, but the Roky CD Club cut the whole, pus-ridden, sac open. Now, the California Group are hiding like the bitches that they are. Roky is flying high and the Roky CD Club is entering a new era of glory.

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Andy Excuse said...

Thanks for the history lesson, Kiloh. I had never really known much about what went on between Rusk and The Evil One.

RokySyd said...
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RokySyd said...

Somebody asked me what my source for the above post about Bleib Alien was. Well... it was the late, great, Jerry Lightfoot himself.

Jerry told me about working up the songs and approaching Doug Sahm. Jerry told me about how Doug wanted "his" band to back Roky on the Mars 45.

Jerry told me about how this "other" band stepped in to back Roky after the Mars 45.

The Aliens are part of the "California Group" of people who "managed" Roky's career in the Seventies/Eighties. It was this group that scarfed up all of Roky's Publishing Rights to his solo songs. It was this group that never paid out a royalty to Roky. It was this group that held up the publishing monies due Roky while he was living in the most desperate circumstances. It was this group that had to be sued by the original Roky Trust. It was this group that caused the monies generated by the Roky CD Club in the beginning to be called a "donation". It was this group that had their claws in Roky and was trying to shake as much loot out of him that they could.

Yeah Billy, we got the skinny on who YOU are. You been running with dogs so long that you forgot people know what a dog looks, sounds, smells like.

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