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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Velvet Underground Vulcan Gas Company Handbill

Velvet Underground Vulcan Gas
Velvet Underground Vulcan GasCheck out this Velvet Underground Vulcan Gas Company handbill! This original handbill was printed on thin white stock and measures approximately 8″ x 11″. What makes this handbill so unusual and quite rare, it has a "Head Shop" advertisement on the back! The majority of handbills were plain white paper on the back.

Artist: Jim Franklin

Velvet Underground Ramon, Ramon & the Four Daddyos (10/23 & 25) Water Brothers (10/24)

Writing about the VU gig at the Vulcan, by Stephanie Chernikowski in NY Rocker, July/August 1980:

"...Those writhing bodies suddenly started moving as one-cool, carefully choreographed, slow and impassionate. It was no doubt the drugs. The drugs and the Velvet Underground. Here at the Vulcan Gas Company in Austin Texas with the carpet of invading crickets crunching underfoot as you enter, and the streaming, sunbathed and sexually wholesome masses undulating and panting inside, urban evil was inflicting itself. Gimme heroin they screamed. And they got Sister Ray in the ear for 45 minutes, hard and cold and turning the provincial darkness of the dully damned into the oh God gimme it now decadence of New York City. You're gonna wait for that man baby. And you're gonna wait for some more and when he comes don't expect no satisfaction. Uh-uh. You're gonna get hurt bad. Baby he's so mean, he's so cool - he would fuck you and your mother at the same time without losing eye contact with either one..."

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