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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Roky Erickson Live - Rockpalast 12-12-10

Check out this Roky Erickson Live footage from Rockpalast, Koln, Germany, 12-12-10. I have taken eight videos and created a playlist out of them. Enjoy.

The below discussion happened on the Texas Psych Group about this footage:

Dan: This footage is pretty disturbing, no? The guy just isn't comfortable up there - struggling to remember lyrics and where to come in, and constantly looking at the guitarist for re-assurance. I wonder whether the UK dates were cancelled because the promoters were willing to to cancel, but the promoters in Europe weren't? Roky clearly isn't very well - would anyone disagree?

Kiloh: I remember back in the early Nineties Roky had that same "uncomfortable" look on his face and he sang the same way too; in that halting manner.

Andy: Ah, the poor guy. He came so far. I think we'd better count ourselves lucky that we got at least a short period of prime Roky, and hope that he'll have some happiness and peace in the time he's got left.

Jeff: Yeah...saw him with that band that's on his last album a couple of years ago and they must've had his guitar buried in the mix, because his hands were not moving in time with whatever was being played. Wasn't a fan of that band either. That being said...his set with the BlackAngels that was broadcast recently was much better and he seemed more into it and more comfortable. I think he should just let his legacy live on and if he feels like it, record solo stuff at his leisure with no pressure or other obviously busy musicians to work around!

Dan: Having nutjob family members that believe there's no such thing as mental illness and actively encouraging him not to take medication (and insane enough to think it was a good idea to state those beliefs on a bonus feature on a DVD) obviously didn't help....

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