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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

13th Floor Elevators Charly Reissues - the Trooth Told

13th Floor Elevators Charly Reissues
13th Floor Elevators Charly Reissues
13th Floor Elevators Charly Reissues

About all of those 13th Floor Elevators Charly Reissues; you know the Drummond stuff, what did Johnny Rotten say? Have you ever felt SWINDLED?

What Charly did was clip off the upper/lower *whatever* percentage of sound and then boost everything else to a flat line. This makes the whole recording much louder but KILLS that wonderful dynamic range.

Like... the sound spectrum is a bell curve and Charly/Drummond said: "We don't want that." They then eliminated the upper/lower 5% (or 2.5%) of the curve. This is the extreme upper and lower reaches of the sound spectrum. The idea behind this is that the dreaded HISS & DISTORTION lurks in these areas. So... it's a very ham-fisted attempt at noise reduction. So... these areas are eliminated and the hiss and distortion goes but so do whatever other sounds the 13th Floor Elevators put down in these reaches of the sound spectrum.

So then we have a bell curve with both ends chopped off. So Charly/Drummond then eliminated the curve and made all the sounds in the spectrum *pretty much* the same volume. The bass might be at a different volume than the ringing guitar; the cymbals might be at a different volume as the singer. It's how International Artists MIXED the master recording and how it is meant to be heard. But Charly/Drummond did away with that and now we have a *uniform*/*standardized* sound. It's the the whole dimension of the sound is just fucking GONE and you're listening to a two-dimensional sound. Or it's the difference between seeing a cow in real life and looking a a move of the same scene; one is three dimensional and one is two dimensional.

Drummond had access to THE stash of tapes and he oversaw the COMPRESSION of all of the material. It's a crying shame. It's a fucking War Crime. Drummond should be hauled up before the Great Psychedelic MoFo and charged with War Crimes. I hope you're happy Drummond. And don't say: "I didn't know"; that's fucking TEN TIMES worse. "I didn't know" was the defense used by Goering and Speer about the Holocaust.

I can't listen to those Charly reissues. I am so glad that I passed on the box set.

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