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Thursday, January 20, 2011

13th Floor Elevators Never Another

13th Floor Elevators Never Another is one of the most psychedelic and demented songs ever done. Tommy Hall's jug sounds like a thousand birds chirping away while Roky Erickson is going, going... gone. Erickson's psychiatric problems are well-documented elsewhere so there is no need to visit them here. However, Never Another is the sound of Erickson going off the edge of the known universe.

Danny Thomas said in an interview that, by the end of 1968, the whole band was either:

1) In jail
2) In a mental hospital
3) On the run from the Texas Rangers

At the time that Never Another was recorded the band was working on their 3rd album called: Beauty And The Beast. Roky was beginning his trips to the mental hospital that would continue, off and on, for the next thirty years of his life.

Tommy Hall was losing it too. He began talking this nonsense that Houston was the "New Jerusalem" and Austin was Damascus or some such bullshit. He even tried to correlate this by comparing maps of Texas with the Middle East.

Suffice it to say that they were losing their minds after years of LSD use. The band was ready to fracture apart, never to reassemble as a cohesive unit, and Never Another was one of their last Statements with the Holy Trinity intact: Tommy, Roky, Stacy. Wow, it's a study in something...

The first video is the original version, from Bull Of The Woods, with the horns intact. In their infinite wisdom International Artists decided to overdub horns onto the music of the 13th Floor Elevators. The result is... demented.

The second video is a rougher, and different, take. There are no horns but listen to Roky, one can hear him "losing it"; he sounds positively lysergic. Roky is one of those guys like Syd Barrett; he can sound completely psychedelic even when just singing and playing an acoustic guitar.

Never Another Lyrics:

The story you are living from
The other Symphony,
Ensures such coolness inside my heart,
of Love in harmony

Your simplest gestures echoes out,
Your entire destiny,
Our fates combined, but have no fear,
Give your love to me

I groove on yours.. changing mind,
Its bright, it’s our thoughts combined
It’s not chance.. the way we view round,
Our thing happens right on time

They just see that our two backs,
together make one human
Freedom palace bares our souls,
and makes us all the new one

From oasis you can need me
It just summons me to wear

If I face it that would leave me,
Where your shore is just out there,
it’s only my love that was ended
like it’s only my love that got there

It’s only my love they would give you,
In the genius of all that we share

Never another like you
Never another like you

Do what’s good or
Do what’s good to you

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