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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hideously Rare 1975 Roky Erickson Bleib Alien Poster

Roky Erickson Bleib Alien
Roky Erickson Bleib Alien
Roky Erickson Bleib Alien
Roky Erickson Bleib Alien
Roky Erickson Bleib Alien
Roky Erickson Bleib Alien
I just got this back from the Framer's. It's a hideously rare Roky Erickson Bleib Alien poster from 1975. This featured my buddy, Jerry Lightfoot, on Lead Guitar. It was this band that worked up songs like Two Headed Dog and Don't Shake Me Lucifer. They also played some 'Elevators material. I should have paid closer attention to Jerry telling me all this stuff while he was alive.

Anyway, this poster is SWEET! It's the only known one still in existence. It was given to me because the doner knew that I would give it a good home.

Oh yeah, it's signed by Roky.

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Anonymous said...

yeah kiloh, you shoulda lissened more to jerry while he was alive - you and everyone else who didn't believe until the fat lady gave up her gig entirely.

RokySyd said...

I don't know what that means. I was good friends with Jerry. I knew his fragile condition. Even *that* didn't kill him. We think that he was mugged while in an inebriated condition.

I helped set up the Golden Dawn 2004 Tour and traveled with Jerry and watched him wail out. He lived with me for three weeks. After 2004, we regularly spoke on the phone (for hours) about music. He was amazing in his knowledge.

So... really don't know what you mean by this comment. I didn't *this*, I didn't *that*... whatever. Jerry was my good friend, that's all.